Meet Jasmine 

What can I say? I LOVE WHAT I DO! 

Just a bit about me let us see I have been baking since I was 17.  Way back when I first discovered the thrill of a stand mixer, I began to take entrepreneurship classes at a local community center and my instructor asks: "What do I love to do?" My first thought was well I love to eat lol. Then, I thought what is better than eating? BAKING sweet goodness in my kitchen and yes making a mess much to my mother's dismay. But anyway, it was at that I point I realized what I wanted to do and knew it had to be something I loved. So, I came home, bought all the cake mix my allowance could buy and spent just about every day after school making cakes for my neighbors and friends. I even had my younger neighbors out making sales for me! (Yes, I had my own little cake ring)


Since then I taught myself the art of baking from scratch and now I here.  I did not learn it all myself though.  My grandmother, the best cook, mother, teacher, baker, and everything in between gave me quite a few lessons cooking and life. 


The greatest tip I learned from being the kitchen with grandma is that “food tastes better when it’s made with love. My fondest memories are with her cooking and making her famous sweet potato pies. I hope I can follow in her footsteps and make desserts that create memories and bring joy to others.

So with all that said, I threw caution to wind, whipped up a few great recipes (with many more to come) and started my bakery! Soon, I hope these will be the best baked cookies in DC!