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Gracious Bakecious Baking Co. 

We just love to bake!

Welcome to Gracious Bakecious Baking Co., LLC, soon to be one of your favorite DC bakeries.

I am dedicated to providing you the very best of baked goods with an emphasis on quality and service.

Founded in 2021, I've come a long way from my beginnings making cupcakes for the neighborhood at the young age of 17. When I first started out, I had a small interest in baking and decided to pursue the idea of running a business. So, I took a Entrepreneurship course at my local arts center. Homing in on the idea of running a bakery, I got to work making cupcakes and cookies and employed her younger neighbors to go out and distribute. Within a week, I had a small-time baking hustle happening! This experiment ignited my passion for creating homemade goods and drove me to start my own business.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them special for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.



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